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Usability monitoring for Ruby on Rails

Your users are making mistakes

and you don't know about it.


Improve reliability. Informant reports on data & logic errors that would otherwise go undetected.


Improve usability. Informant will show you where UI and error messaging can be improved.

Project Managers:

Improve productivity. Use Informant error data to find and prioritize problem areas of your application.

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See real-time stats as your users submit forms and trigger errors

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Dig into specific dates & sections of your site

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Drill all the way down to specific user mistakes


What exactly does Informant do?

Informant keeps track of form validation errors in your application by directly tracking database validation calls. It provides detailed metrics that show you which forms are submitted incorrectly by your users. The data you’ll receive is field-level, so you can identify which fields are not clearly marked or explained. You can use this information to tweak your form designs to help your users be more productive.

Which platforms do you support?

We support every version of Rails from 3.0 up. We also support Mongoid from 3.0 up. We actively test the client gem against MRI 1.9.2, 1.9.3, and 2.x, jRuby, and Rubinius.

How do I install Informant?

Once you’ve created an Informant account, you’ll see a message on your Informant dashboard with an API key. All you need to do is add the informant-rails gem to your Gemfile and put the API key in your production environment, and you’re up and running!

What if I’m a Heroku user?

Then the registration process is even simpler: just add Informant through the Heroku addon interface, and Heroku does the rest!